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Founders and owners Matthew and Lauren Zauchin created Village Drug Co. to create a foundation for personalized patient health care with an upscale small-town feel, focused on a modern approach to health and wellness. Making patients a priority is the foundation of Village Drug Co. and delivering unmatched service is the cornerstone

Our Products

Village Drug Co. offers brand and generic prescription drugs, along with over-the-counter medications, first-aid care, natural-based and organic vitamins, and supplements. We offer convenient drive-thru service and, in the near future, will have the ability to offer free, same-day delivery, at the request of the patient.

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We offer high-quality prescription drugs as well as OTC medications for simple ailments such as the common cold, mild injuries, and daily-use painkillers.


Immunizations protect you from various illnesses such as Measles, Hepatitis B, and the dreaded Influenza (to name a few). Let Village Drug Co. protect you!

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Our Brands

Village Drug Co. specializes in providing natural-based and/or organic skincare and beauty lines that suit the needs of mother and baby, and also men.

First Aid

We offer first aid for those minor aches and bumps. No pain is too big or too small! We want you to be pain-free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I transfer my medications from another pharmacy to Village Drug Co?
A: Simply call or stop by the store! We will need you to provide the name of the medications along with the name and phone number of the pharmacy you would like us to transfer your medications from.

Q: What does it mean if my prescription is "non-formulary"?
A: If your medication is non-formulary, it means it is not included on your insurance company's "forumlary" or list of covered medications. Your medication may not be on the list if there is an alternative proven to be just as safe and effective, but costs less. If you or your doctor believe that the non-formulary medication is necessary, you will need to request that your insurance make an exception, or you will need to pay the full cost yourself.

Q: Can I sign up for auto-refills?
A: Of course! Next time you come by to pick up your prescription, just let us know that you'd like it to be on your auto-refill list.

Q: My medicine is the generic brand, does this make a difference in my level of care?

A: Generic drugs usually provide the same effectiveness as brand-name drugs and are often preferred by insurance companies. However, there may be times when the brand-name drug is necessary. Stop by or call your pharmacist if you or your doctor believe this to be the case.

Q: How can I update my insurance information or patient profile?
A: It's simple! Just give us a call or swing by the store with you new information. We will quickly update your profile for you.