Diseases From Bug Bites Have Tripled–Here Are the Facts

Insects and humans are constant enemies of each other. Insects, especially bugs like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks are always there to bite and cause infection or various other diseases. Humans feel like they have no choice but to kill insects whenever they try to attack or even enter into populated vicinities of humans. Isn’t it so? However, over time the data around the world shows a significant level of increase in bugs. Not only that, but a level of increase in bugs has become more dangerous as they carry new germs. New germs have a highly negative impact on human health, which can cause deadly and grievous infections, making bugs the greatest source of infection to humans, that develops at one bite!

Diseases by Bug Bites In the U.S.

The data revealed that 640,000 patients have been hospitalized with the complaint of a bug bite, alone in the U.S. between 2004 and 2016, which is quite a big number. To more surprise, a doctor named Dr.Lyle Peterson made a statement that the number is even bigger than that, as the data is incomplete. Several other unreported cases have not been registered, thus not included in the data.
The statistics have different statuses for the spread of infections and diseases by different bugs. For Lyme disease, CDC reports 300,000 cases in the U.S, showing an increase in the number of patients in suburban areas. Then coming over to the discussion of diseases, there are mosquito-driven viruses. Since the beginning of 2004 and up till now, the threatening advancement in viruses has made humans prone to deadly epidemics including dengue, chikungunya, West Nile virus and Zika. Lastly comes the flea-borne disease named as plague. Plague is also a grievous infection that is troublesome to cope up with. Still, thankfully, the disease is not so common, showing 2 to 17 cases between 2004 and 2016. Also, antibiotics have been formed to handle it now!

The Spread of Bug Bite Infections Globally

The most upsetting and worrying part of the widespread disease is that it could spread throughout the world. The reason is that there is a chance of travelers getting infected or developing diseases by bugs and germs could be carried to their respective countries. This could result in widespread disease to different countries and ultimately it could spread throughout the world. That is why diseases spread by bugs are now “nationally notifiable.” This means that doctors have a responsibility to log and report.

A Tough Challenge for Scientists to Fight Against Newly Bug Bite-Borne Infections

Despite the advancement of medicine, the advancement of diseases is weakening the immune system and the health of humans greatly. It is also quite worrying that new infections are providing more hurdles for doctors and scientists. Doctors persistently engage in developing a more effective and highly responsive antibiotics to fight against the germs in the best way possible. The challenge for doctors and scientists is tough as infections challenge them after a certain period of time, in new ways. Currently, Zika, West Nile, Lyme, and chikungunya are the biggest challenges for doctors.
Consequently, the facts under discussion have proven that the patients from bug bites viruses have tripled in the recent past. This needs to be countered and handled properly to save innocent lives.